The experiences she had looking at retirement options made her realise that for baby-boomers the standard corporate retirement villages don't offer much choice.


After researching options in Europe and the US, she decided to create a senior lifestyle that would be more than God's waiting room, and be a vibrant community of fun, social and active people who want to work, play and travel. 


A core group have come on board as Friends of Wellborne Farm, ranging from farming and legal professionals, marketing and HR specialists - all in their mid-40's to mid-50's.

The 7 acre piece of land was purchased in 2015 and since then Belinda and a team of professionals have been working on plans for the community, based on the principles of co-housing and creating a sustainable, caring community.

About us


Founder Belinda Milnes

Would you like to join us?

Wellborne Farm was the brainchild of Belinda Milnes, a former journalist and senior government advisor who lost both parents and cared for an elderly father-in-law throughout her 40's.

Research shows having strong social and community links are vital to keeping active and well. Recent UK studies suggest loneliness in older people has the same health impacts as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Don't wait until you're old to join us - get in touch now and see if Wellborne Farm is right for you.

Residents of Wellborne Farm have separate homes but share the clubhouse and all the facilities on the  7 acre grounds.

Monthly dinners in the Clubhouse keep everyone connected, while group outings and maintenance services are optional.

The facilities of the Clubhouse are available for resident's events such as birthday parties and there is accommodation for guests as well.

One of the main philosophies of Wellborne Farm is to provide a pet and family-friendly environment.


Well behaved sociable dogs, cats, birds and other pets will be accommodated wherever possible. And there'll always be a friendly neighbor to feed cats or share the dog walking.

Plus Wellborne Farm will have sheep instead of lawn mowers in the common areas to provide organic meat, and chickens in the orchard will keep bugs down, utilise scraps and provide eggs.